To support us, donations can be made to the European Civic Forum using different payment methods.

by bank transfer to :
Forum Civique Européen
Société Marseillaise de Crédit
Code IBAN: FR 76 3007 7048 7526 0650 0020 088

by card trough Paypal

by cheque payable to:
Forum Civique Européen
Grange neuve
1920 ancienne route de Forcalquier
04 300 Limans FRANCE

We appeal for your support to respond to numerous requests for translating the film into new languages. Today the film is fully available in 5 languages : French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as a partial translation into Arabic.

The two organisations that produced these films, the European Civic Forum and Longo maï, neither have the financial means nor the human resources to continue this huge job.

Please know that, when buying the DVD set « From Seed to Seed » on this website, most of the money you pay is used to support projects that develop free access to seeds.

Another way of supporting us is by organizing a public screening of the films, making seed saving know-how available to everyone. The films are under the Creative Commons license which means that they can be shown in public without any financial compensation.

If you wish to translate the films into a new language, please contact us by email :

And above all… produce beautiful seeds and exchange them with your neighbours and friends, seeds to give away and spread anywhere they’re needed. They’re some of the most precious gifts a traveller can offer!

Help to ensure that seeds travel across the world!


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