The family trees of botanical classification

We commissioned the artist Myleine Guiard Schmid to draw the botanical family trees. She would like to make these watercolours available for non profit-making training activities under the creative commons licence. For any requests please contact Myleine Guiard Schmid :


To help us make these films we used the following very precious books : The Seeds of Kokopelli by Dominique Guillet Publishing «La Voix des semences» The Manual of Seed Saving by Andrea Heistinger, Arche Noah / Pro Specie Rara Publishing Timber Press Seed to Seed by Suzanne Ashworth Seed Savers Exchange  
Alliaceae Apiaceae Asteraceae Brassicaceae Chenopodiaceae Cucurbitaceae Fabaceae Poaceae Solanaceae Valerinaceae   ALL TREES      

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